All About GabbaWrites

So there’s two prongs to the writing as far as the GabbaWrites is concerned. One is the typical letter to page and the other is video.

These are the things that provide enjoyment for moi’s truly – as does reading.

Recently, the video has taken over just about everything with Trailermade. This is my boutique style video production service/business. Trailermade Production was a dream and now is something that has built up into a little bit of something that I’m a little bit more than just proud of. It’s been about dedication, hard work, continued professional education/development and a dose of courage so it’s nice to see it where it is today, supported by authors… Come over and see a bit more about Trailermade.

Hi Impact Trailers - Low Impact Price

Trailermade’s set up will go a long way to putting the GabbaWrites Live Chats together and so I’m hoping that (without a little too much of me) there will be some insight coming forth in a dynamic, interesting and engaging way. When I say the chats will be Live, I mean you’ll see the person and indeed the conversation … but not quite Live in a beam me up kind of way.

So I hope you can get something out of my continued journey toward publication as I pick up some bits and pieces along the way from other writers, agents, publishers, editors, designers…

See you Soon

posse stylishP-BOI SAYS: It’s going to be fun. Here’s cheers to welcoming the new GabbaWrites