Well now, here’s something…

In YouTube-landia there’s this thing where channel hosts do what’s called Draw My Life. They draw their life on some sort of whiteboard set up and we learn (what they want to tell us of) their life… It’s a popular ‘tag’… just about everyone does it… I personally reckon it’s interesting… there’s even a channel who just does draw my lifes for celebrities…

I decided maybe I could do one for my writer’s life…

So while it’s not STRICTLY what Draw My Life is about… it is a kinda sorta similar kinda thing… kinda sorta…

This vid shows how it all came to be for me as GabbaWrites. (BTW – this is no advertisement for what I do 9 to 5… Thing is peeps… the 9 to 5 wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for writerly type stuff… and the writerly type stuff wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t for the 9 to 5 …*confused? that’s OK*

… so I put the 9 to 5 in… ’cause it’s part of it.

here is:


Thank you to those who know who they are…Hope you like my Draw My Writer’s Life.

Cheeries to you good people of the embrace, Gabba

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Interesting these days how much video has taken over the world.

This world domination performance of online video has taken me away from blogging… because I’ve been working away at the ye olde 9 to 5 making video promo product for Authors who, like the of the world, are taking advantage of the online video revolution.

For writers a bit of vid promo can really help the cause. I did a guest blog post about it at Breathless In The Bush blog… Authors can get into the fun stuff of DIY (i.e. no cost) video marketing… It can be fun, it can be inspiring – and most importantly, from my experience – a great way to connect with fans.

The  vloggie is here too:

If you got any qu’s… please feel free to leave them in the comments.

Friendly FYI:

– social media including Instagram, twitter and Facebook (the big trois) are gearing towards FAVOURING video in algorithms. If you don’t want to be seen, use a difficult to read static image with unreadable text. If you want to be seen… use a fast acting, eye-catching short vid. (oh and snapchat is quickly becoming the social media outlet de jour)
– if you fancy having a trailer, synoptic slide shows form yawns and itchy click-off fingers. High impact visuals are the go … because (like I say….) video is the go-to for promo.

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Okay so no mucking around. I have my coffee … here I am communicating.

Self indulgent attention seeker? I have to leave that up to you. Not my intention.

What I really want to do is just do my thing. My thing is support others, respectfully express my thoughts, demonstrate mine and others creativity.

I’ll admit, I’ve wasted a bit too much time trying to do things that were ultimately meaningless to me. So I’m just going to (politely) be me.

Generally, I don’t sew, craft, sports. Applaud others decision to do so… Personally,  I do the whole exercise thing for health and safety.

I may have something to say. Don’t like what I say, or the idea of me saying it? That’s cool … 100%.

If you (in response to what’s been said here) try being offensive and/or pick a fight with me or someone else who’s being respectful and you might find yourself deleted. Feel like offering a critique?  Feel free… IMHO if you actually do offer an actual critique perhaps good things will come of it. If you’ve got a problem and don’t like people being respectful within themselves then you are welcome to join the douchebag brigade… yep.

I like legitimacy, real-ness (is that a word?)

Please people, don’t steal creative works (it saddens me that some people still do and lead others toward falsehoods and to places they never really wanted to go).

Now, if I may, I’d like to leave you with this:

There’s an Australian singer called Melinda Schneider and she released a song called Be Yourself.

Here tis:

(Please  note that I offer this embed from the artist’s organic presence).

I find this track little bit folky and a little bit lilting….  heard this song once whilst making myself a sandwich. It got my attention…

I like to think that all the different kinds of music in the world is there for all the little different kinds of what I’ve got going on inside. BTW, I met Melinda once, it was lovely talking to her.

If you’d like to share what being yourself means to you… have at it in the comments below…. Remember… everyone respects everyone here.

Have a nice day/life/year

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